Bailing Wire vs. Baling Wire  

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When you search for baling wire online, you see results with both baling wire and bailing wire mentioned. Newcomers in this industry often become confused about the differences between the two types of wires and wonder which one is more suitable for their purpose. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about the difference because there is none. Bailing wire and baling wire are both the same product with differently spelled names. The acceptable spelling of this product is “baling” wire though many manufacturers use “bailing” on their website.

What is Baling Wire?

Whether the manufacturer uses baling or bailing, the purpose of the wire is the same. It is used to tie bales of compressed material like cardboard, plastic, paper, etc, in the recycling industry. Baling or bailing wires come in different forms for different kinds of machines so you need to buy something that’s suitable for your machine. Your baling press will come with an owner’s manual, which will recommend the best possible baling wire to use.

Different Types of Baling Wire

One type of baling wire can’t work with all kinds of baling machines. Each machine has a specific requirement. For example, a vertical bale press requires a single loop baling wire. Other options available in the market are:

  • Galvanized wire
  • Black annealed wire
  • Single loop wire
  • Double loop wire

The wires are also available in different gauges like 9,10,11, 12, 13, and 14 gauge. You can consult your owner’s manual to determine what gauge you need. You can also contact us directly if you need help! 855-947-3843 Ext 1

Well-Known Manufacturers

Several manufacturers produce excellent quality baling wires and sell them through a channel of distributors. Some of the most well-known manufacturers are Cavert, Accent Wire, Mid-West Bail Ties, Coastal, Western Baling Wire, and Vulcan Wire Packaging. There are other manufacturers as well, but the ones mentioned above have a great record and a well-established reputation in the market.

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Common False Claims Baling Wire Suppliers Make to Customers

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If you are looking for a bailing wire supplier and have conducted a search online, you will find there are a large number of manufactures and suppliers. This can make it quite difficult to find a reliable and well-established bailing wire supplier. This is a very competitive industry and it isn’t uncommon for unscrupulous suppliers to make false claims, in order to attract customers. Let’s take a look at what some of these are:

Some suppliers will tell you that the wire tie machine you have acquired from them is giving problems because of the type of wire you are using. This is an extremely old tactic that some companies use. Many of these wire tie manufacturers also sell bailing wire and want to make you buy bailing wire from them, rather than from your existing supplier. The fact is it is possible to make adjustments to the machine ensure that other manufacturer’s wire can also be seamlessly fed into the machine.

Some bailing wire suppliers will offer massive discounts, which sometimes can be very difficult to ignore. They will tell you that they are able to sell the wire at a significantly lower cost because they import it in bulk from China and other countries. Keep in mind that cheap bailing wire might save you a few dollars in the short term, but you may end up paying much more in breakages and expensive downtime due to damage to the equipment. This is why cost should never be the only factor you are looking at while purchasing bailing wires.

Regardless of what a new bailing wire supplier tells you, you should check the tensile strength and gauge of the wire, before you actually buy it. A thicker gauge wire is definitely better; and one with a higher tensile strength will allow it to withstand higher levels of pressure and tension. If the wire is weak & of a much lesser gauge, it will just snap under the pressure. Always purchase bailing wire from a reputed and credible US company that would be able to consistently provide you high-grade wire.