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Get Baling Wire Shipped To Your Customers Anywhere in the Nation in 1-3 Days

Our new system for corporations & waste brokers packages, invoices, and ships cardboard baling wire seamlessly… meaning you’ll never worry about baling wire again.

Here’s how it works…

If you’re a waste & recycling material broker, it’s a pain to get cardboard baling wire shipped to your hundreds — or thousands — of locations you manage. Phone calls, emails, and countless hours spent coordinating baling wire delivery for your clients doesn’t only kill your productivity, it kills your business.

Which is exactly why we’re revolutionizing the process

Our Process

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Order top-notch cardboard baling wire.
  3. Get baling wire delivered nearly anywhere in the U.S. in 1-3 days (drop ship orders add 3-4 business days).
  4. Track, reference purchase orders, download invoices and more.
  5. Reorder cardboard baling wire to any location, whenever you want.

The best baling wire for cardboard in the industry. Drawn, cut, cooled, galvanized, and tested for superior strength, our wire is proven to fulfill your needs.

We don’t cut corners, weight, or cost. We just produce the best, completely American-made, baling wire.


Hate organizing the untimely freight for all those cardboard baling wire orders?

We understand.

Our locations around the Unites States ensure that you’ll receive your wire in 1-3 days for nearly every U.S. location


Our software instantly invoices you, allows you to reference a purchase order, and saves all the necessary information to your account — making reordering easier than ever.
No more hassle; calling, coordinating, and processing invoices and purchase orders.
We do everything and save everything for you… instantly.


Whether you have20 customers or 20,000 customers, we’re here to help equipment dealers & wire re-sellers!

Our organized database and streamlined shipping guarantees that your cardboard baling wire gets delivered where you need it, when you need it, to as many locations as you need it.


Never again have doubts about delivery time. Our system automatically tracks every order you place, letting you know exactly where each order is and when it’s arrived.

Giving you the peace of mind you need to grow your business.


You won’t find a better price in the industry. While we’re passionate about baling wire, we’re also passionate about making our wire affordable.

Our pricing is set to give you the est bang for your buck, while retaining the highest quality wire in the business. 100% made in the USA!


“Very easy shopping experience. Site is easy to use, communication is great and gives you peace of mind after you place the order by keeping you up to date on order and shipping status. Highly recommended.” account_box — Jeffrey from California


“Baling Wire Direct was easy!!! Fast, amazing customer support, and great pricing! If you need baling wire for your vertical baler, go no where else! Thank you Baling Wire Direct for being great!” account_box — Michael from New Jersey


“Fast service! Easy ordering and great to deal with.” account_box — John from Arizona

“Excellent service with a great product.”

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