Baling Wire

The Best Baling Wire For Each Purpose

Whether it's for farming or for recycling, choosing the right types of baling wire is vital. Baling wire comes in a wide range of types, and the type of wire that you choose will dramatically affect your productivity and efficiency. Whether you're packing hay bales in the agricultural industry or recycling materials such as plastic, paper, or cardboard, choosing the baling wire that matches your needs will depend as much on your storage and transportation as it will on the materials that you are baling. If you want to ensure that you are choosing the best and most high quality types of baling wire, here are the best types of wire for the most common purposes.


Single Loop Baling Wire

Most commonly used for vertical balers, single loop baling wire is manufactured primarily from black annealed wire with additional galvanized wire and steel. This is an option designed for those facilitates where bale size varies because you trim it according to your needs. That makes it a lot more flexible and ensures that waste is kept to a minimum. Most single loop baling wire is melted at a specialist factory before being delivered to where it needs to be.


Double Loop Baling Wire

This type of baling wire comes pre-cut, so it's best suited for a workplace that creates bales that are uniform. That's why you often find them being used in the agricultural industry. At both ends of the double loop baling wire will be bent loops that can be snapped together without the need for any twisting. That makes the process of baling a lot faster than with other baling wire types. If you're recycling material that has a high expansion force, then a double loop baling wire has the flexibility and ease of use that you're looking for.


Black Annealed Wire

A softer wire, compared to examples like high tensile 10 gauge steel wire, the black annealed wire is an all-purpose option that can be used for a wide range of materials. It's available in a range of gauges, and it is often delivered inside steel carrier tubes. That means that it is often very easy to store in larger quantities. The most important element of black annealed wire is that it is coated in a lubricating oil. Not only does that mean it can move more easily through your baler, but it is also more resistant to corrosion or rust. Box wire is a variation of black annealed wire, usually used as an alternative for use in a single ram auto-tie baler.


High Tensile Baling Wire

With options like 10 gauge steel wire and 14 gauge steel wire, these high tensile wires are all about strength. They've been designed specifically for bales with high expansion or stressful transport environments. It comes in a wide range of different gauges, and like black annealed wire is delivered in easy to store steel tubes.


The best baling wire for your workplace will depend on your recycling equipment or the agricultural industry you're in. When you want high-quality baling wire, knowing more about the different types and their optimal uses is often one of the quickest and easiest easy to boost productivity while managing your budget.