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What is Galvanizing?

What is Galvanizing? galvanized stem wire

Metal is susceptible to the elements and is likely to corrode over time, especially when it’s exposed to excessive moisture. Some metals like iron and steel are more vulnerable to corrosion than others, which is why they need specialized treatments like galvanizing to make them stronger. Most metals used in modern industries are galvanized to improve their strength and resilience. In the recycling industry, the baling wires used to tie the compacted materials are galvanized as well.

What is Galvanizing?

The process of adding a layer of non-corrosive zinc over corrosive metals like iron and steel is called galvanizing. Zinc doesn’t react to the environment like steel and iron does and won’t corrode over time. A layer of zinc forms a barrier between the underlying metal and the surrounding environment.

Galvanizing also makes the metal more resilient and durable. The combination of zinc and original metals creates a stronger and more reliable material for everyday use.  last several years longer than regular baling wires and they’re less likely to break under pressure from the compacted material as well.

This process is only effective if the right amount of zinc coating is added to the underlying material. The American Society for Testing and Materials has a set of guidelines manufacturers can use to create strong galvanized materials. Most modern manufacturers use the electroplating technique to add a thin layer of zinc over the underlying material. Some use the hot-dip technique and dip the iron or steel material into liquid zinc. This forms a thicker layer over the material.

When the material is removed from the dip, the zinc is exposed to oxygen and forms zinc oxide. This zinc oxide reacts with the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere to create zinc carbonate. This coating is dull gray in color and very resilient. It stops the corrosion of the underlying metal and protects it from harm.

Galvanizing also increases the tensile strength of the materials and makes it more durable. You just need to source the wires and galvanized material from a reliable manufacturer that offers good quality assurance.

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