The Importance of Recycling Baling Wire

Baling wire is an integral component in the waste recycling industry. While you may only think about using these wires to manage a large quantity of specific waste materials, they’re important in ensuring bales are moved neatly and securely to recycling facilities.

Due to the different types of raw materials and quantities dealt with, it is only natural that various styles and types of baling wires are utilized in the waste recycling industry. However, don’t just think it is vital you recycle those standard waste materials – it’s also necessary you focus on recycling your baling wire.

Why We Should Recycle Bale Wire

In the United States and other countries worldwide, there is a strong push towards recycling and a more sustainable future. While there is a lot of room for improvement, the recycling rate is going up across all industries. There are reasons why this is the case, including local government regulations, environmental benefits, and how recycling reflects well on businesses that opt to take this route.

These points are relevant when recycling all applicable types of metals – and that includes baling wire. Baling wire, this product is made from either steel or iron. As a result, it is a material that is suitable for being handed over to recycling scrap yards. Here are a few reasons why baling wire – and scrap metal in general – should be recycled:

·        Preserve natural resources: When a company performs a baling wire waste audit, they are taking steps to reduce the need for virgin metals to be produced. By ensuring your 14-gauge steel wire is recycled, for instance, you are helping to conserve precious natural resources like iron ore and coal. The less these materials are used, the more these resources can be preserved – and the less energy is required for producing new baling wires. 

·        Unlimited use: Whether it is a nonferrous metal like recycled aluminum or ferrous metals such as steel, it’s important to note that metals are 100% recyclable. This means it is one of the few raw materials which is readily recyclable where its original properties won’t be damaged at all. In essence, this results in it being usable again and again indefinitely. Furthermore, the value of metal won’t decrease, which means scrap metal recyclers will accept all kinds of metals like aluminum copper.

·        Reduce carbon emissions: With “zero to landfill” targets in mind, it is essential for companies to take recycling seriously. By using recycling bins, a business can easily collect all of their recyclable metal – such as waste baling wire – and meet their carbon goals. It comes with the added benefit of reducing the negative effect of pollution on the atmosphere.

As this article shows, it is important to recycle your baling wire. If you have any additional questions about the subject, or would just like to know more about a specific product like our 12-gauge steel wire, simply get in touch with one of our experts today. Baling Wire Direct is the top US wire supplier, and that is due to our commitment to exceptional customer service. 

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