Baling Wire

What is Baling Wire Used For?

With a name like ‘baling wire,’ you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it has only one real use. However, baling wire is a versatile material that can be utilized in various ways across a range of industries. 

Baling wire uses

If you’re wondering ‘what is baling wire used for?’, let’s first take a step back into history. You see, this wire has been used in some form since the 1800s. Back then, it was generally used in the agricultural industry. Farmers would use it to bundle hay together. Not only that, but they made use of it as an all-purpose tool, from fixing chain link fences to securing items down, so they weren’t lost during a particularly windy day. 

While it is still a favorite with those who like to dabble in life hacks, the majority of businesses that buy baling wire do it with one sole purpose in mind: to bundle commodities together. This is done so large amounts of materials can be packed away in as neat a way as possible, so it can then be disposed of in a quick and convenient manner. However, the following points show it’s not the only industrial use of baling wire. 


Recycling is undoubtedly one of the biggest uses for baling wire – if not the biggest. In much the same way hay used to be pressed and secured back in the day, baling wire can do the same with various old materials. 

When put through a baling machine, cardboard, plastic, paper, and cardboard are some of the materials that can be compacted and secured with bale wire. The bales of compacted waste can then be transported to recycling centers ready for reuse. 

The importance of baling wire shouldn’t be overlooked. It helps to save space and keep these recyclable materials together securely throughout the process. 


When utilizing a baling press, you can encase parcels within palettes of wire. This is done so that the parcels are fastened together securely, perfect for both storage and transportation. 

What if you’re dealing with more precious items that demand a greater level of care? In this case, cut and looped baling wire is recommended. Instead of being used in a baling press, these wires are designed for use by hand. With this design, it ensures you have the right level of precision that’s required for delicate packages – the type that a baling press cannot promise. 


When it comes to the construction industry, you’ll find that baling wire is used by steel stockholders. These stockholders have to move the steel from their premises to construction sites. To do this in a safe manner, bale wire is incorporated during the transportation stage.

This is done due to the durability of baling wire. It has the necessary strength to fasten the steel beams together, which means it won’t come loose or cause harm when being transported. 

Quality baling wire

Even though baling wire has changed significantly over the years, its value has remained the same. It is still relied upon in many different industries. Plus, with the rise of modern technology and better quality baling wire, it has never been easier to use.