How to tie baling wire

Automatic balers streamline the baling process by automating various stages, including tying off the bales to secure them after materials have been compressed. On the other hand, when using a manual-tie vertical or horizontal baler, the bale won’t be secured until it is tied by the operator. Manual balers use either single-loop or double-loop bale ties to secure bales.

Bale ties are pre-cut pieces of wire that feature either one or two loops.

Safety precautions

When tying single or double-loop bale ties, operators should: 

  • Wear personal protective equipment. Eye protection guards your eyes against debris, dust, or harmful particles, while proper gloves prevent cuts.
  • Utilize the appropriate tools. Avoid manipulating or severing wire by hand if possible. Tools such as hooks and pliers improve safety and simplify the job.
  • Maintain a tidy workspace. Clear your baling area of objects or obstructions that could snag the wire or become a tripping hazard. Ensure proper lighting for visibility.

How to tie bale ties

To tie the baling wire, follow these steps:

  1. Insert one end of the baling wire into the slot on the bottom of the baler’s plunger or platen.
  2. Wrap the baling wire around the bale, then bring it back to meet the first end in front of the baler.
  3. Complete the loop. If using single loop bale ties, feed the working end through the looped end and pull the wire tight. If using double-loop bale ties, the wire will be pre-cut to your specifications. Join the loops by hooking them together and twisting them in a single direction. For both ties, leave some slack in the wire, as bales can expand and apply pressure that exceeds the wire’s tensile strength, potentially causing breakage.
  4. Tie the knot. This step is only for single-loop bale ties. Bend the free end of the baler wire back against the loop and wrap it about ten times.

This process will be repeated for each wire slot on the baler. Sometimes, the wire needs to be tightened after it has been tied. Make sure to do this to avoid collapsing bales.

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