How Reliable is Baling Wire?

Baling wire is one of the most important things to get right when it comes to recycling your waste material or your bales of hay. It’s an extremely reliable product as long as you are using it in the right way. The type of baling wire that you use will be dependent on a variety of different factors. When it comes to baling wire, the wrong type can decrease reliability, which will lead to inefficiency and an increase in your baling costs. The key to more reliability from your baling wire is to ensure that you are asking yourself the right questions. The more that you know about how your baling will be used and what for, the more likely it is that you will choose the type of baling wire that will be the reliable component to baling that you need.


What Is Being Baled?

More products are being baled than ever, and that means knowing the type of baling wire that is best suited to those different materials. Paper and plastic will require a different baling wire, as will farm wire, simply because those materials will react very differently when bale pressure is released. For example, paper or cardboard will expand less than plastic bottles. For products that expand more, tougher baling wire will be needed, such as steel baling wire or aluminum wire. Not only will your type of baling wire improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your recycling or harvesting process, but it can also help lower your costs.


Bale Storage

At many sites, a bale is compressed and wrapped and then remains in storage until it is collected. The duration of the storage time will affect the type of baling wire that you use and how reliable it will be. If your bales are exposed to the elements, then options like black annealed wire is not the best option as it will often degrade faster. Instead, you should look at boxed wire that comes lightly lubricated to make the feeding system smoother while helping to combat rust. Always take the time to think about your storage requirements when it comes to choosing the right type of baling wire so that you choose the most reliable option.


Bale Weight

One of the main factors regarding the optimal gauge numbers for your baling will be the weight of your bales. Wire breakage and delaminated heads will be frequent occurrences if you choose a baling wire that is not suitable for the weight of your bales. If you produce more uniform bales, such as bales of hay, then a good option to look at is double loop baling wire. That’s because these will be cut to specific lengths. If your bales tend to vary in size and shape, then you should look at high tensile solid wire that can be adjusted according to the needs of each bale.


From steel baling wire to black annealed wire, aluminum wire to single loop, there are more types of baling wire available than you might have thought. Make sure that you have a very clear understanding of what you need to bale, how you bale it, and how you store it. The more that you understand regarding the demands placed on your baling wire, the more likely that you are going to choose the optimized option that will make reliability a guarantee.

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