How thick is 10 gauge wire?

Wire gauge is a measurement that originated from the manufacturing process of drawing wires through a series of progressively smaller holes to achieve desired thickness. The drawing process uses a draw plate, which is a tool with conical or cylindrical holes that decrease in size. 

A wire’s gauge is inversely related to its diameter, counterintuitive as that seems. The larger the gauge, the smaller the diameter, and vice versa.

For example, when we compare 9 gauge vs.10 gauge wire, we see that 9 gauge wire is slightly thicker than 10 gauge wire, as it has undergone 9 drawing cycles instead of 10.

American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a standard method of measuring and identifying wire thickness that was developed in the United States, and is widely accepted by most North American manufacturers. 

SWG (Standard Wire Gauge), also known as Imperial Wire Gauge is most commonly used in the United Kingdom. Check out our guide for a more in-depth understanding of baling wire gauge.

Our ten 10 gauge wire products are 0.135 inches (3.429 mm) in diameter.

Why is wire gauge important?

You should always purchase high-quality baling wire, and make sure you select the right gauge. Choosing the wrong baling wire gauge can leave you with wire that won’t meet your needs.

Gauge is important for baling wire because it serves as an indicator of the thickness and relative strength of a given wire, which will in turn give you an idea of what applications said wire is best suited for. It is also an important consideration for factors such as safety, cost, and compatibility with your baling machine.

Baling wire thickness comparison

The following table compares our 10 gauge wire thickness with the other wire gauge sizes we offer.


10 gauge thickness

Comparison gauge thickness

Thickness difference 

10 gauge vs. 9 gauge

0.135 inches

0.148 inches (9 gauge)

0.013 inches

10 gauge vs. 11 gauge

0.135 inches

0.117–0.120 inches (11 gauge)

0.015–0.018 inches

10 gauge vs. 12 gauge

0.135 inches

0.102–0.106 inches (12 gauge)

0.029–0.033 inches

10 gauge vs. 13 gauge

0.135 inches

0.088–0.090 inches (13 gauge)

0.045–0.047 inches

10 gauge vs. 14 gauge

0.135 inches

0.077–0.079 inches (14 gauge)

0.056–0.058 inches

Our 10 gauge baling wire products

BWD offers the following wire products in 10 gauge:

10 gauge black annealed stem wire

Our 10 gauge black annealed stem wire is used to bale cardboard, textiles, rubber, plastics, and other recyclables. Its flexibility makes it the go-to option for baling materials that are prone to expanding.

Each stem weighs in at about 1,600 lbs., and comes with 39,083 feet of wire. All of our annealed wire products have a wax coating.

10 gauge black annealed box wire

Our 10 gauge black annealed box wire comes in 50 or 100-pound boxes. We offer 4 different pallet sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Pallets come with either 12, 24, 36, or 45 boxes included.

Our annealing process imparts extra ductility to our annealed wire products, making them more flexible and workable.

10 gauge galvanized double loop bale ties

10 gauge galvanized double loop bales ties are used to securely tie bales of recyclables and other materials. They offer exceptional load and tensile strength for securing heavy-duty, dense bales. The galvanized finish provides extra corrosion resistance, making them especially suited for outdoor storage and harsh environments.

We sell our galvanized double loop ties in bundles of 50 at lengths of 228 or 234 inches.

10 gauge bright double loop bale ties

10 gauge bright double loop bale ties are similar to our galvanized double loop bale ties but without any finish. They have a bright appearance, which is the raw steel. These are great for indoor applications but rust much more rapidly when exposed to moisture.

We sell our bright double loop bale ties in bundles of 50 at lengths of 228 or 234 inches.

Baling wire products we offer

Baling Wire Direct sells the following high-quality baling wire products.

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