What is 9 gauge wire used for?

9 gauge baling wire is commonly used in the waste management and recycling industries to bale and bundle materials. Its main purpose is to compact and bind materials into manageable bales for handling, transportation, and storage.

9 gauge is our thickest wire and provides a combination of tensile strength, load strength, and exceptional durability. It is robust, strong, and reliable.

Recycling applications 

Recycling and waste management facilities are the primary consumers of baling wire; 9 gauge wire is used to bale a variety of recyclable materials, including:

Other applications

9 gauge baling wire may be used on farms and construction sites for:

  • Baling hay
  • Agricultural fencing and animal enclosures
  • Vineyard trellises
  • Orchard tree supports
  • Binding construction materials
  • Reinforcing rebar

9 gauge baling wire features

Here are some of the notable features and advantages of 9 gauge wire.

Versatility and efficiency

Its strength and durability make 9 gauge wire a good choice for baling a range of materials. It is one of the go-to solutions for recycling facilities that deal with a diverse spectrum of recyclable materials. It also creates bales that are extra-compact and easy to manage, optimizing storage space and facilitating the efficient handling and transportation of materials.

Baling heavy and dense materials

9 gauge wire is great for baling heavy, dense materials. These materials are common in recycling and waste management facilities, and they benefit from the tight, secure binding provided by thicker wire.

Baling bulky and irregular items

The thickness of 9 gauge wire makes it excellent for binding bulky and irregularly shaped materials such as construction and demolition waste, non-uniform bales of recycled materials, and other challenging applications.

Exceptional tensile strength

9 gauge wire is the strongest product we sell. It can handle all common recycling applications and feeds into most baler types. Consult your baler manufacturer and calculate the strength demands of the materials being baled to select the most economical wire for the job.

9 gauge wire products

We sell 9 gauge baling wire in the form of double loop bale ties (galvanized or bright finish).

9 gauge bright double loop bale ties

9 gauge bright double loop bale ties are typically used in manual balers and feature two loops for easy tying. They offer exceptional load and tensile strength for securing heavy-duty, dense bales. Bright bale ties are unfinished, which gives them a smooth, shiny appearance, making them great for retail environments.

We sell bright double loop bale ties in bundles of 50 and 62 at lengths of 120, 132, 144, 150, 156, and 168 inches.

9 gauge galvanized double loop bale ties

9 gauge galvanized double loop bale ties are also used with manual balers and feature two loops for easy tying. They offer exceptional tensile and load strength for securing dense, heavy-duty bales. Our galvanized wire products have undergone a hot-dip galvanization process to provide them with a protective zinc coating.

We offer two galvanization classes depending on the level of corrosion resistance you need. Our Class 3 galvanization is the superior choice for use in harsh environments.

We sell galvanized double-loop bale ties in bundles of 50 and 62 at lengths of 120, 132, 144, 150, 156, and 168 inches.

How thick is 9 gauge wire?

A wire’s thickness is inversely related to its gauge, counterintuitive as that seems. The larger the gauge, the smaller the diameter, and vice versa. 

Wire gauge is a measurement that originates from the wire manufacturing process of drawing wires through a series of progressively smaller holes. The drawing process uses a draw plate, which is a tool with a series of conical or cylindrical holes that decrease in size.

As the wire passes through each hole, its diameter is reduced by a specific increment. This process is repeated until the desired diameter is achieved.

The American Wire Gauge (AWG) system is primarily used in North America, while the British Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) system is most commonly used in the United Kingdom and some other countries.

Our 9 gauge products are 0.148 inches (3.76 mm) in diameter.

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