What Baling Wire To Use With A Bace V43HD Cardboard Vertical Baler?

Bace V-43DH Vertical Down-Stroke Baler has 6 slots to use single loop bale ties. This baler is shown to be used for cardboard and gives the max bale weight of 800lbs. 

Typically customers will use 14 Gauge x 14 Foot Single Loop Bale Ties (125 Ties Per Bundle) while some will also use 13 Gauge x 14 foot single loop bale ties (125 Ties Per Bundle)



Nominal Bale Size 

48" x 30" x 48"

Bale Weight

Bale Weight Up to 800 lbs OCC

Bale Volume 

34 cu. ft.

No. of Bale Tie Slots 


Compact Force lbs - Normal / Maximum


Platen Pressure 

43 PSI

Average Cycle Time 

49 Seconds

Loading Height 


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