How can I get a sample of black annealed auto-tie box wire?

Baling Wire Direct is 100% committed to making sure both new and current customers have a great experience. We understand there are "doubts" when transitioning to a new supplier or vendor. 

In most cases, our sales team can help you determine the type of wire needed based on your baler, baler type, bale weight, material baled, application, etc. 

Our black annealed box wire is made with industry standards 1018 carbon and involves a specialized process:

  • ·        The usage of steel billets that are 100% U.S-made
  • ·        The utilization of billets that have a chemical composition certified via metallurgical traceability specs
  • ·        The descaling of the wire via a process referred to as mechanical reverse-bending 
  • ·        The wire being ran through a bull-block continuous wire machine to ensure the maintaining of optimum tensile strength
  • ·        The strands being individually annealed in an 850 °C fluidized sand furnace with natural gas
  • ·        A final light coat of wax being applied across the strands to add smoothness

By ensuring that this process is adhered to, every single end product that we make available has a tensile strength and load that is able to withstand the harshest of climates. We can also guarantee that our products are free of surface rust and mill scale, that die wear is reduced considerably, that brittleness is eradicated, that ductility is increased, and that the atomic structure is maintained. This means that, if you’re in need of black annealed baling wire for outdoor purposes, especially, then you’ve come to the right place.

When you choose us as your black annealed box wire supplier, we will always be able to provide a guarantee that each product that you purchase has been tested rigorously. No matter what it is you buy, we will be able to prove that each of your individual products has been tested to their literal breaking point.

To ease any concerns, our wire is backed by our 100% guarantee as long as it is used with the appropriate baler, material and application.

If you would still like a sample or you are not sure the type of wire for a unique application, we do ask that you send us a 6-8 inch sample of your current wire so we can go through our testing processes and validate gauge, tensile strength, elongation, carbon grade etc. 

This testing process is more cost effective for your business and our business. It allows us to gain clarity before placing an order; however, there are certain circumstances where we may, at our discretion, send out one bundle samples paid for by the customer. 

If we find that we can match your wire specifications, we will send you the correct SKU you need to order. If we can NOT match this, we will make you aware that we do not offer this product at this time. 

Ship your sample to:

Baling Wire Direct

Attn: Samples

383 N Corona Street Suite 707

Denver, CO 80218