We want to sell you bale ties, box wire & hi-ten wire

If you are a direct mill and have interest in supplying us with your services. Please send your info reference sheet with all your core offerings to [email protected]

1) We will require an NDA executed before further steps are taken

2) We will require someone from our staff to visit your facility to review all manufacturing, packaging and processes within your business. 

3) We do not work directly with mills who also play the roll of a distributor. We do not see this as a loyal business model that has the best interest a good partnership 

4) We will require 3-5 references that reflect our ideal accounts to ensure the product(s) align with our core model.

5) We do not accept import products to be re-sold within our process

Thank you for looking into supplying us with your services. We look forward to connecting and seeing what you have to offer