Galvanized Stem Wire

Galvanized stem wire, also commonly known as carrier wire, stump wire or stand wire, is used to bundle packages and prepare them for shipping, storage, or sale. This process, known as baling, allows consumers the chance to compress their goods tightly to ensure that they remain safe and compact at all times. Generally, galvanized stem wire is utilized in the baling processes that take place when everyday items, such as plastic and cardboard, are recycled.

Being high tensile galvanized steel wire, this type of wire is incredibly strong. It can withstand great amounts of pressure, which is why it is used in auto-tie balers, two-ram balers, and even double-ram balers. Not only that but, as it is deemed as being high-grade baler wire, it can also be coiled and packaged on large steel carriers. This means that a wide range of brands can use it for their balers, including International Baler, American Baler, Harris, G-Baler, Sierra, IPS, Marathon, and Balemaster, to name just a few.

If you’re still undecided as to whether or not galvanized stem wire suits your baling needs, just compare it with your other options — in the battle of galvanized vs stainless steel wire rope, there’s only one winner.

Galvanized stem wire is zinc coated, meaning it is more resistant against corrosion. It is the better economical alternative, too, especially when compared with bright wire rope. If that wasn’t enough, research has concluded that galvanized stem wire can also provide ongoing protection for steel for up to 170 years.

Galvanized steel wire properties prove just how durable it is:

Breaking strength — 700 & 750 N/mm²

Yield strength — 600 & 680 mm²

Elongation — 8%

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