11 Gauge Bright Double Loop Bale Ties




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Product details

Wire gauge11 Gauge
Load strength1,485 lbs.
Tensile strength220,000 psi (1516.85 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)SWG (.116" / 2.946 mm) | Actual Size (.120" / 3.048 mm)

Product specifications

Made in the USA to the highest quality standards, our 11 gauge bright double loop bale ties are ideal for baling a wide range of recyclables, from paper to foam to OCC.

Wire gauge11 Gauge
Load strength1,485 lbs.
Tensile strength220,000 psi (1516.85 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)Standard Wire Gauge or SWG (.116" / 2.946 mm) | Actual Size (.120" / 3.048 mm)
Carbon grade1080
Ties per bundle50, 62, 125
Custom lengths120" - 234"
Quality controlExtensive testing
FinishBright (No Finish)

Industrial applications

Double loop bale ties are used to tie bales of cardboard, plastic, magazines, aluminum cans, carpet, and other compressible materials in the recycling industry.




Superior quality products

Baling Wire Direct prides itself in being one of the largest baling wire manufacturing companies in the United States. We are committed to offering customers superior tie wire and other baling wire products. To do this, we subject our wire to a quality control process that exceeds industry standards, resulting in high-quality baling wire every time. Any wire that doesn’t pass strict product assessments is removed, so only the most reliable tie wire reaches our customers.

Through our engineering focus and careful control of production and distribution, we deliver better wire products, better prices, and superior customer service. Our Autoship™ system offers live shipment tracking and quick, 1–3 day shipping for a seamless purchasing experience.

100% American bale wire

From start to finish, our manufacturing is carried out to rigorous protocols that ensure a high-quality wire product. We start by purchasing 100% American-produced steel rods from trusted family-owned mills.

Over 120 trained staff and 5 on-site engineers then subject the steel wire to a mechanical descaling process. Mechanical descaling allows us to avoid acid-bath descaling methods and harsh, environmentally unsafe chemicals during our production process.

The wire is then fed through a continuous bull-block wire drawing machine for incremental diameter reductions before it is air-cooled to ensure a homogenous microstructure and optimize tensile strength.

Once drawn and treated, the wire is cut and formed into bright bale ties. Single loop ties are cut and bent to include one loop, while double loop ties are cut with a loop at both ends.

Bright steel wire versus galvanized steel wire

Our wire ties come with either a bright finish or a galvanized finish. Both are used to bale materials, but their finish gives them different advantages.

Galvanized double loop ties are the perfect selection for:

  • Baling corrosive materials
  • Storing bales outdoors
  • Bales that will be roughly handled

Bright finish double loop ties are best for:

  • Binding material that may expand
  • Displaying bales in client-facing environments
  • Indoor storage away from the elements
  • Reducing cost

Other wire products we sell

We offer a wide range of additional products beyond double loop bale ties. Other wire products we sell include galvanized wire, black annealed wire, single loop bale ties, and more.

Double loop bale ties FAQ

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