12 Gauge Bright Double Loop Bale Ties




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Product details

Wire gauge12 Gauge
Load strength1,180 lbs.
Tensile strength220,000 psi (1516.85 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)SWG (.104" / 2.642 mm) | Actual Size (.105" / 2.667 mm)

Product specifications

Made from 100% American steel, our high-quality 12 gauge bright double loop wire ties offer ductility, durability, and reliability.

Wire gauge12 Gauge
Load strength1,180 lbs.
Tensile strength220,000 psi (1516.85 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)Standard Wire Gauge or SWG (0.104" / 2.642 mm) | Actual Size (0.105" / 2.667 mm)
Carbon grade1080
Ties per bundle50, 62, 125
Custom lengths120" - 192"
Quality controlExtensive testing
FinishBright (No Finish)

Wire tie use cases

Double loop bale ties are used in the recycling process to bind bundles of plastic, cardboard, glass, and more.




Our quality guarantee

As one of the leading North American baling wire producers, Baling Wire Direct is committed to delivering customers the quality that they deserve. We manufacture a wide range of products under strict procedural standards to ensure exceptional tensile strength and overall reliability.

Our devotion to quality is second to none. We carefully scrutinize every wire produced to guarantee it performs to the highest industry standards. Any product that fails to meet our strict quality control requirements is removed to ensure customers only receive premium baling wire.

Through careful management of production and distribution operations, we not only provide premium baler wire, but also offer competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Our Autoship™ system streamlines the purchasing process for our customers with live order tracking, automated reordering, and expedited delivery in 1–3 business days.

American-made wire ties

By using 100% American steel, we ensure our finished products exceed quality expectations. We start by sourcing steel wire rods from trusted family-owned mills. The rods we buy are chemically documented to guarantee they can achieve desired load strengths and durability.

We hold our wire production to high standards from raw materials to finished products. American mills provide traceable steel wire rods with guaranteed compositions to yield precise load strength and durability.

The steel is then given to our 120-person staff and 5 specialized on-site engineers to undergo a mechanical descaling process that prepares the surface for drawing. Descaling eliminates harsh chemicals from the production process, in turn reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Next, a continuous bull-block wire drawing machine incrementally reduces wire diameter while regulating temperature and internal grain structure. Air-cooling then produces a uniform microstructure for optimal tensile strength. The finished wire is cut to desired lengths and forms our high quality bale ties.

Selecting a bale tie finish

Baling Wire Direct sells wire ties with bright and galvanized finishes. Both types of wire can reliably bind materials, but their respective finishes provide unique advantages.

Galvanized double loop bale ties are ideal when:

  • Baling corrosive materials
  • Storing bales exposed to weather

Bright finish baling wire ties provide more elasticity and are recommended when:

  • Binding bales of material that may expand
  • Presenting bales in customer-facing settings
  • Bales are stored indoors and away from the elements
  • Cost-efficiency is a priority

Consider your baling operation and application, the material being baled, storage conditions, and budget to determine which bale tie finish is appropriate.

Other wire products we sell

We offer a wide range of additional products beyond double loop bale ties. Other wire products we sell include galvanized wire, black annealed wire, single loop bale ties, and more.

Double loop bale ties FAQ

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