13 Gauge Black Annealed Single Loop Bale Ties




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Product details

Wire gauge13 Gauge
Load strength509 – 604 lbs.
Tensile strength80,000 – 95,000 psi (551.58 – 655 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)Actual Size (.088" - .090") / (2.2352 mm - 2.286 mm)

Product specifications

13 gauge black annealed single loop bale ties for baling recyclables. 100% American-made and engineered to provide superior performance.

Wire gauge13 Gauge
Load strength509 - 604 lbs.
Tensile strength80,000 – 95,000 psi (551.58 – 655 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)Standard Wire Gauge or SWG (.092" / 2.3368 mm) | Actual Size (.088" - .090") / (2.2352 mm - 2.286 mm)
Elongation12% Min
Carbon grade1018
Ties per bundle125, 250
Custom lengths8' - 23'
Quality controlExtensive testing
FinishBlack Annealed/Bright

Bale tie wire use cases

A great choice for the waste and recycling industries, black annealed single loop bale ties can be used to bale textiles, cardboard, fabric, paper, plastic, metal, and other compressible materials.




American-made bale wire

We begin the manufacturing process by purchasing carbon steel rods from family-owned American steel mills. Our mills provide complete metallurgical traceability specs and mill-test reports that guarantee the chemical composition required to produce the load and hi-tensile strength demanded of our wire products.

Over 120 trained staff and 5 on-site engineers then subject the steel wire to a mechanical descaling process. Descaling eliminates the use of harsh chemicals to further improve quality and reduce environmental impact.

Next, the baling wire enters a bull-block drawing machine to undergo incremental diameter reductions. Our machine closely monitors temperature and internal grain structure to optimize consistency. The wire is then rapidly air-cooled to produce a uniform microstructure and maximize tensile strength.

Then it’s on to the annealing process.

The annealing process explained

By annealing wire, the uniformity of its atomic structure can be improved, which increases ductility and reduces brittleness. This results in a smooth, flexible wire that retains its strength. The annealing process involves heating steel above its recrystallization temperature, maintaining that temperature, and then cooling it.

After annealing, we apply a coat of wax to the finished product. This treatment provides a final layer of protection and also produces smooth, ductile wire that feeds easily into many types of balers.

The BWD quality guarantee

We go above and beyond to ensure our baling wire meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Baling Wire Direct controls every aspect of baling wire production and distribution, which allows us to deliver the highest quality products at competitive prices, with the best customer experience and support.

We carry out meticulous testing on all of our products to ensure they perform to the highest industry standards. The wire that fails to pass our quality assurance testing is removed from stock, ensuring only the strongest and most reliable products reach our customers.

Finally, our Autoship™ system provides live order updates throughout the shipping process. You'll receive tracking information via your preferred contact method (email or text message) so you stay looped in every step of the way. Enjoy quick delivery of the finest baling wire in just 1–3 business days. 

With our set-and-forget reordering and invoicing feature, you'll get your products on time and stay stocked up. Don’t sacrifice USA quality or customer service, get your baling wire products from Baling Wire Direct.

Why choose annealed wire?

Some of the reasons black annealed wire might be the right choice for you include:

  1. Ease of use: the softened state of the wire makes it easier to cut, shape, and handle.
  2. High tensile strength: despite its flexibility, black annealed wire still maintains a high tensile strength that allows it to withstand excessive pressure.
  3. Improved ductility and flexibility: the annealing process softens the wire, making it more pliable and easier to bend.
  4. Wide range of applications: black annealed wire can be used to bale carpet, plastics, OCC, aluminum cans, e-waste, copper, and other recyclables.

It is important to note that black annealed wire does not offer the same level of corrosion resistance as our galvanized wire, and may not be best suited for outdoor applications.

Other wire products we sell

Beyond annealed single loop bale ties, we sell a wide range of additional wire products including high-tensile wire, galvanized wire, and double loop bale ties.

Single loop bale ties FAQ

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