14 Gauge Galvanized Carrier Wire

STEMS (Average 1,330 Pounds)
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2 close

Designed for vertical, downstroke, and horizontal balers, our 14-Gauge Galvanized Stem Wire withstands 80,000 - 95,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and boast a total load strength of 402 - 478 lbs.

Load Strength Tensile Strength Elongation Decimal Size Carbon Grade
402 - 478 lbs 80,000 - 95,000 PSI 12% Min 0.077 - 0.079 inches 1018

Created for Quality

The right wire comes from the right production. And when it comes to right … we’ve probably gone too far. It all starts with a select family of melting plants where we purchase 100% American-made steel billets. Each one is delivered with metallurgical traceability specs certifying chemical composition to meet the end product’s load and tensile strength. From there our 125-person production staff and five onsite engineers get to work. First, the newly-formed wire is descaled through mechanical reverse-bending. This eliminates mill scale and surface rust as well as reducing die wear. Even better, mechanical descaling means we eliminate harsh, environmentally unsafe chemicals from the production process. Next, the wire is drawn through a heavy-duty, bull-block continuous wire machine and high-carbon (1018) grades are air and water cooled to ensure consistent tensile strength.

Annealed for Durability

With a decimal size of 0.077 - 0.079 inches, the strands are annealed one-at-a-time with natural gas in a fluidized sand furnace set to 850 degrees C. Drawn through the furnace at precise speeds, high-carbon (1018) grades are again air cooled and immersed water-base quench tank. Individual annealing alters the physical and chemical makeup of the wire. By heating our steel above recrystallization temperatures, its atoms migrate along the undergirding crystal lattice decreasing dislocations. This creates a uniform atomic structure, increases ductility, and reduces brittleness, making it not only more workable, but more durable when it goes to work for you.

Galvanized for Function

Drawn, cut, and cooled, the wire undergoes hot-dip galvanizing, in which it’s submerged in a bath of molten zinc. Zinc serves as a sacrificial anode: basically a sheet of engineered armor to protect the underlying steel from corrosive substances and external damage. Once galvanized and again cooled, the wire passes through a nitrogen-wipe station to clean off excess zinc. A light coat of wax is then applied to the entire strand. In addition to one last layer of protection, this coating produces a gorgeous end product that never leaves a mess and always feeds smooth.

Tested for Strength

Other baling suppliers -- to overcharge on shipping or because they don’t have control over the manufacturing process itself -- manipulate the gauge sizes and weight of their wires. Not only does that drive up your costs, it also decreases quality. Not here. To safeguard standards, we guarantee gauge sizes by tensile testing samples from every carrier to the literal breaking point. Carriers with failed wires are immediately culled. You might think that’s the end of it … but our passion isn’t over yet. The wire carrier is banded and shrink wrapped to make sure their journey ends just as meticulously as it began. Finally, Autoship™ notifies you of tracking information through email, text message, or whatever method you prefer. From order to arrival, the whole process takes 1-3 days, instead of a week or more. Plus, you can set and forget reordering and invoicing to get exactly what you need, when you need it … all without sacrificing USA quality or customer service.

Have we gone too far?

Maybe. But when it comes to quality, durability, function, and strength … we don’t think “too far” is too good for the customers who depend on us.

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STEMS (Average 1,330 Pounds)
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2 close