13 Gauge Galvanized Carrier Stem Wire


Wire gauge13 Gauge
Load strength509 – 604 lbs.
Tensile strength80,000 – 95,000 psi (551.58 – 655 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)Actual Size (.088" - .090") / (2.2352 mm - 2.286 mm)
1 Stems

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Wire specifications

Engineered to exceed expectations, our 13 gauge galvanized wire offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance for baling recycled materials.

Wire gauge13 Gauge
Load strength509 – 604 lbs.
Tensile strength80,000 – 95,000 psi (551.58 – 655 MPa)
Diameter (inch/mm)Standard Wire Gauge or SWG (.092" / 2.3368 mm) | Actual Size (.088" - .090") / (2.2352 mm - 2.286 mm)
Elongation12% Min
Carbon grade1018
Stem size1,330 lbs. (Approx.)
Feet per stem59,557 feet (Approx.)
Quality controlExtensive testing on every carrier
FinishHot-dip galvanized with molten zinc

Galvanized wire use cases

Our high-quality galvanized stem wire can be used in manual balers to bale a variety of materials.




100% American made

When we make our galvanized carrier wire, we leave nothing to chance. From raw materials, through the galvanizing process, to quality testing—every stage of the manufacturing life cycle is carried out to meet and exceed industry standards.

It all starts with a select family of melting plants where we purchase 100% American-made steel billets. Each is delivered with metallurgical traceability specs certifying chemical composition to meet the end product’s load and tensile strength requirements. 

From there, our 125-person production staff and five onsite engineers get to work.

First, the newly-formed carbon steel wire is descaled through mechanical reverse-bending. This gives a completely scale-free surface. Even better, mechanical descaling means we eliminate harsh, environmentally unsafe chemicals from the production process.

Next, the wire is drawn through a heavy-duty, bull-block continuous wire machine, and low-carbon (1018) grades are air-cooled to ensure consistent tensile strength. Then, it’s on to the galvanizing process.

Our galvanization process

Our stem wire is given a hot-dip zinc coating to prevent rust and abrasion. The zinc layer establishes an oxide barrier, offering a formidable shield against the elements.

The galvanization process proceeds as follows:

  1. Surface preparation: we utilize alkaline solutions to cleanse the baler wire of impurities. This prepares the wire for bonding with the zinc.
  2. Pickling: the wire is soaked in hydrochloric acid to dissolve any remaining oxides and scales, preparing it for galvanization.
  3. Fluxing: a zinc ammonium chloride flux bath is the next step, hindering oxidation and ensuring the zinc spreads evenly.
  4. Galvanizing bath: the wire is submerged in a molten zinc bath at roughly 450°C (850°F).
  5. Alloy formation: a chemical interaction between the wire's iron and the zinc forms durable zinc-iron alloy layers.
  6. Withdrawal: the wire is slowly lifted from the zinc by rollers, which help maintain a uniform coating by draining excess zinc.
  7. Quenching: to finalize the process, the wire is quickly cooled, which solidifies the zinc coating.

Galvanization results in a resilient zinc coating that protects against wear and corrosion. To finish off our galvanized stem wire and prepare it for distribution, we apply an additional coating of wax sealant. The result is a smooth, fortified wire ready to take on the toughest conditions.

Galvanization classes explained

We offer both Class 1 and Class 3 galvanization. While Class 1 is more economical, Class 3 provides enhanced protection as it has a thicker, longer-lasting zinc coating:

  • Class 1 galvanization: our class 1 galvanized wire offers a basic zinc coating that uses 0.28 ounces of zinc per square foot. Class 1 galvanized wire is more cost-effective but will start to rust in anywhere from 2 to 11 years, depending on the environment. In coastal areas, Class 1 coating fails even sooner due to saltwater corrosion. 
  • Class 3 galvanization: Baling Wire Direct also offers Class 3 zinc coating on all galvanized wire products. With 0.80 ounces of zinc per square foot, this premium galvanization is nearly 3 times thicker than Class 1. The robust coating is more resistant to corrosion, providing a lifespan of 13-30 years. Class 3 stands up to the demands of extensive use, heavy friction, and extreme environmental conditions.

Our quality assurance commitment

As one of the largest baling wire manufacturing companies in North America, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality baling wire. Our baler wire is created to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our dedication to quality is unmatched. We thoroughly test all of our products to ensure they perform to the highest industry standards. The subpar wire is removed from stock, ensuring only strong and reliable carrier wire reaches our customers.

We control every aspect of production and distribution, which allows us to deliver premium products, competitive prices, and unparalleled customer service.

Our Autoship™ system provides real-time shipment tracking, ensuring the smoothest possible purchasing experience. Receive tracking information via email or text message, and enjoy expedited delivery in as little as 1–3 business days!

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