What is baling wire?

Also known as bale wire, baler wire, farm wire, or soft wire, baling wire is a versatile family of metal wire products used primarily in the recycling and agricultural industries.

The term “baling” refers to the historical origin of baling wire as a material for binding or “baling” large piles of hay for transportation and storage.

Today, baling wire is primarily used to bind compressed recyclables such as plastic, cardboard, and foam as they undergo the recycling process.

What is baling wire made of?

Baling wire is typically made of either iron or steel. Carbon provides steel baling wire with increased tensile strength and hardness, but it decreases ductility. For example, high-tensile baling wire is made of high-carbon steel.

What finishes does your baling wire have?

Our baling wire products come in a galvanized, black annealed, or bright (raw) finish. The galvanization process involves coating wire in zinc, which dramatically improves the wire’s resistance to corrosion, rust, and abrasion. Wire can be galvanized to different classes based on the thickness of the zinc coating. We offer both Class 1 and Class 3 galvanization on our products.

The annealing process involves reheating the wire to allow molecular realignment to enhance the wire’s ductility and elongation.

Baling wire uses

The popularity of baling wire stems from its wide range of applications.

Recycling industry

Baling wire is an essential tool for recyclers. It is used to pack dense bales of recycled materials for transportation and storage as they move through the circular economy during the recycling process. Baling wire is commonly used to bale:

Black annealed box wire is commonly used to bale recyclables. Its oily finish helps it feed smoothly through high-volume, two-ram balers, and its elongation and ductility help it resist expansive pressure after bales are ejected.

Agriculture industry

Baling wire is an important tool for farmers. It is commonly used to bind hay bales and build fencing. On vineyards and orchards, baler wire is used to construct trellising and tree supports. Galvanized wire is commonly used in agriculture due to its enhanced ability to resist corrosive outdoor elements.

Common types of baling wire

Many types of wire are used in the baling process. Some of the common products include:

  • Single loop bale ties. Commonly used on manual vertical and horizontal balers, these bale ties include a single loop at one end, allowing the operator to manually tie the bale to size. We sell them in both black annealed and galvanized varieties.
  • Double loop bale ties. They are also used on manual balers. The advantage of double loop tie wire is that it can be rapidly secured, improving productivity. Since double loop ties are pre-cut to length, they are suitable for materials that produce consistent bale sizes.
  • Black annealed wire. This wire is sometimes referred to as auto-tie wire or automatic wire since it is used by balers that automatically tie bales. It is favored for its smooth feed and elongation properties, making it suitable for high-volume recycling operations that deal with expansive or shifting materials.
  • High-tensile galvanized wire. Galvanized wire is a great choice for baling recyclables that will be stored outdoors, such as rubber tires.

Baling wire manufacturers

Many different companies manufacture baling wire. Baling Wire Direct prides itself on being one of North America’s leading baling wire manufacturers. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and sustainability.

We only use 100% American steel sourced from family-owned mills. All steel billets include metallurgical traceability documents to ensure the final products exceed industry standards.

During manufacturing, we also use a mechanical descaling technique that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, protecting our employees and the environment. We also advocate for the recycling of used baling wire. Steel is highly recyclable, and this process allows recyclers to strengthen their environmental commitment.

Baling wire products we offer

Baling Wire Direct sells the following high-quality baling wire products.

Baling Wire FAQ

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